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Truck Accident Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

A truck whose driver needs a truck accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

Truck Accident Law Services In Philadelphia, PA

Accidents involving tractor-trailers can be particularly traumatizing for the passengers in the other vehicle, both emotionally and physically. A fully loaded truck is much heavier than a passenger vehicle, so any collision between the two will result in far more disastrous consequences for the passenger vehicle.

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Extra traffic laws apply to truck drivers in order to represent you in one of these devastating accidents, but trucking companies and their insurers do what they can to protect themselves after an accident. An immediate investigation is extremely important in these types of truck accidents, as these trucking companies have in-house investigative services.

Call Jim Radmore at The Radmore Firm in Philadelphia, PA, and his firm will investigate the accident for you at No Cost. Jim Radmore will consult you regarding truck accident law services.

Truck Accident Law

Jim understands the additional circumstances that factor into a potential accident involving a tractor-trailer. In addition to the driving hazards that affect all drivers, truck drivers have extra concerns to consider while they are driving. When truck drivers and trucking companies neglect these special concerns, the average driver is the one who faces the most personal risk.

The first concern is regular maintenance. Because tractor-trailers are so large, regular maintenance is imperative to ensure that they are street safe. The second concern is fatigue. Truck drivers are subject to long hours and deadlines, increasing their stress levels and exhaustion and impairing their judgment and reflexes.

Jim understands these additional liabilities, which is why he incorporates them into his investigations as he seeks to establish the truck driver’s liability in your accident. Jim performs his investigations while ensuring that your medical treatment is fully documented. Not only will he document his findings, but he will also take note of all your medical expenses and diagnoses.

Jim Radmore will represent you in a personal injury lawsuit—or, if necessary, a wrongful death suit—to ensure that you receive the proper compensation for all your damages from the accident. Call his Philadelphia office today for a case evaluation at 215-339-8000 or 1-800-RADMORE.

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