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Personal Injury Overview

Accidents are one of the most common reasons why millions of people in the United States get injured. No matter the cause, you can assert your rights and fight for just compensation after the incident.

If you need legal counsel and representation for personal injury claims, contact The Radmore Firm today. We have locations in Philadelphia, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ if you need a qualified personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Ensure that you are taking all necessary actions to protect your rights by entrusting your case to our firm.

Our Process

After contacting our firm to ask for legal advice or assistance following your accident, we will dedicate time to evaluate the full extent of your case. This is so we can make the proper decision on which steps to take depending on the severity of your physical and psychological injuries. We will base your claim on the following causes:

  • Negligence, which is when the defendant’s improper actions or lack thereof caused the injury
  • Causation, or when the injury was due to an individual or a company’s actions
  • Malicious intent, or intentional harm, which is when you are deliberately injured by another party
  • Product liability, which is when companies or businesses have caused you injury due to their products not meeting safety standards

Once we have evaluated your claim, we will assess whether the initial settlements made between you and the negligent party are fair and adequate. If they are not so, we will aggressively pursue the defendant for damages. The Radmore Firm will even out the playing field for you to have a fighting chance at receiving compensation for damages.

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