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Automobile Accident Attorney Serving Philadelphia, PA

We Have Over 40 Years of Experience With Car Accident Lawsuits

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A car with a driver who needs an auto accident lawyer serving Philadelphia, PA

Auto Accident Attorney In Philadelphia, PA

If you have been in a car crash in Philadelphia, PA, don’t hesitate to hire an automobile accident attorney who handles claims like Jim Radmore. Jim has over 40 years of experience in practicing car accident law and will get you the full compensation you deserve and the empathy you can count on.

Call An Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto accident law can be confusing for the person who has been in an accident, which is why it is so important to hire an auto accident attorney like Jim Radmore. No matter the size of the accident or the extent of your injuries, Jim Radmore can connect with your case on a personal level and provide you with winning results. A competent auto accident lawyer like Jim Radmore will help you receive compensation for medical bills, property damages, and lost wages that resulted from the auto accident.

The insurance company’s goal is to close your case as quickly as possible while giving you the minimum amount of money that they can. For a layperson, it can be extremely difficult to fight the insurance company and receive the full amount of money you are entitled to. Car accident attorneys have the legal expertise to fight the insurance company and get you your rightful compensation.

Trust Your Car Accident Attorney

Jim Radmore, as a car accident attorney with 40 years of experience, will assist you through the entire process required to obtain the full value of your claim. The first step is two-fold, as we make sure you get the full medical treatment you need while we simultaneously perform an investigation to collect evidence and testimony to establish liability.

At no cost to you, we will coordinate the collection of all the documentation of your medical treatment and other expenses resulting from the accident. We will also pay the cost of the medical reports necessary to document your injuries. This document collection will occur, all while explaining how these different items affect your case.

When the time comes, Jim will fight on your behalf to negotiate a settlement that compensates for your existing damages and future damages that may arise because of the accident in question. Should the insurance company fail to compensate you fully, Jim Radmore will make sure that you are fully represented at each stage of the legal process.

Call our Philadelphia office today at 215-339-8000 or 1-800-RADMORE to speak with Jim Radmore.

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