Construction Accidents

Recovery After Construction Accidents

Construction sites pose many risks to anyone within or near its general vicinity, whether towards workers or innocent bystanders. Multiple factors can also cause injuries, especially to the employees, as there are lots of potentially dangerous tasks that are done there every day.

While there are protocols put into place to keep everyone safe, negligence can still cause even the most preventable accidents to occur. The party at fault may then be held liable for any injuries sustained by victims. If defective equipment caused the incident, the supplier companies can be sued for economic recovery.

What’s Next?

In case you get caught in a construction accident, it is wise to understand all the parties that may be involved in the incident. This will help you know who may be held responsible, whether in full or partial, for your injuries. Any of the following parties may be held liable for the accident:

  • Site Owners
  • General and Sub-Contractors
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Manufacturers of Construction Machinery or Equipment
  • Insurers
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) Compliance Officers

When filing a case against the parties involved, whether it is the company itself or their equipment providers, hiring a qualified lawyer is a must. They will help you understand your legal rights, obtain credible evidence, and determine the next course of action for the entire proceeding.

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